Friday, November 28, 2008

Messenger Bags

In May of last year, during my first ever trip to New York, I bought a new messenger bag from J Crew. I really like it and I've pretty much used it everyday since then. Unfortunately, it's now starting to come apart at the seams - actually it's got three fair sized tears.

So I've been looking for a new bag and I have to say, it hasn't been an easy. At first, it seemed like there just weren't too many out there that had what I was looking for- which is a simple messenger bag with good looks and in leather for durability - but then Shira, and her amazing surfing skills, came to the search and rescue. Here are my favorites...

First off we have two fine looking bags from J Crew. The first one is awesome. It's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for and its price at $225 is the most reasonable.
The second entry from J Crew is in the running as my favorite however, it's also $795. But just look at it...
The next bag is from APC and it's $420. I think this is my least favorite of the group. I'm not sure why...maybe it looks a little too pursey. Still, it made the list.

This one is from Reiss. Unfortunately they've decided to not give the price on the website. Lame. The bag looks fucking great though.

Next up is this fine little number by Ferragamo. I like the simplicity of it. It's cool and crisp. It's also called the Toronto Messenger Bag, so there's that. It's $750.

Marc Jacobs has following two offerings for us. The first is $387 and it's got a great vintage look to it, although I'm not wild about the handle at the top. The second is up mainly cause of the awesome green/gray colour it comes in, but again it's starting to look a little on the pursey side and you have to watch out for that. Unfortunately no price was listed on the site.

Roots has their Urban Editor's bag and it's pretty stylish and the many pockets give it camera bag feel. It's also the only one selected without a cover flap. Not sure what that means, but there it is. It's a cool $298

And lastly we have my favorite. This gorgeous bag comes to us from John Varvatos and it's quite something. It's also $895.

If I had my way I'd have the Varvatos, but I'll gladly settle for the first J Crew bag - they're actually quite similar.

I just want to note that this search has been strictly for messenger bags, but there are also some damn fine satchels out there that are worth checking out. Personally I find once you get a laptop and an umbrella in a satchel that's pretty much it - they're packed - and I need to lug more stuff.

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