Monday, November 24, 2008

Hidden Cameras

Last week while walking to and from work I started to notice a few hidden cameras being set up in and around the Yonge and College area. It took me a couple of moments to realize that it wasn't Big Brother going from watching to full on gawking but a very elaborate film set up. I'm not sure what's being filmed but my theory is that this is an action shot and they want to cover multiple angles without the other cameras getting in the shots. After checking the City of Toronto's website for current productions filming in Toronto the only possible option would be Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. I'll try to ask one of the people in the fluorescent vests who guard the cameras to confirm.

They're subtle and the props/set people have done a damn fine job of camouflaging them.

This one gets hidden inside a corner notice board.

This one's on Alexander Street and made to look like a nest.

Another gets hidden in the helmet case of a scooter. I also saw three cameras placed in the rear of a Volvo.

It seems to be a night shoot and during the day the cameras are put to rest and the opening simply covered over.

I also saw cameras hidden in air conditioner units, blue garbage bins, and fake newspaper boxes. That's a whole lot of cameras. They've been set up for almost a week now. I'd love to watch the shot actually getting filmed just to see how elaborate it actually is. In my head it's a massive thing. It'll be interesting to see the final film and see if I can spot any cameras.

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