Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ottawa and a Dragon

A couple of weeks ago I took my first trip to our nation's capital. It was a pretty fantastic weekend. The Parliament buildings were impressive and the market area was pretty cool. We had dinner at a great restaurant called Play.

It's a tapas style place, or at least that's what we had. This is scallops on the left and salmon on the right.

For dessert I had bread pudding but their apple cobbler (below) looked just as good.

Actually it was so good we went back the next day for their brunch. Delicious.

The whole reason for the trip though was to see Robert Lepage's The Blue Dragon at the NAC. What a fucking show. I'd never seen Lepage's theatre work live before - although I did see Peter Gabriel's Secret World Tour, which blew me away - and he didn't disappoint. This show is one of the best pieces of theatre I've seen. The acting (in several languages), the set, the projections, it was all truly awe inspiring.

Robert Lepage and Marie Michaud.

Tai Wei Foo and Robert Lepage

Marie Michaud and Robert Lepage

If this show comes close to you go and see it.

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shira said...

"what a fucking show". awesome.