Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its a brick.

Every year at Christmas my Dad would pick up a present that was rectangular in shape and a little on the heavy side and he's shake, smell, weigh, and thoroughly examine it and then make the joke - "It's a brick."

Every year.
One year my brother and I wrapped up an actual brick and gave it to him. He went through his annual routine and ended with the usual proclamation - "it's a brick." We swallowed our smiles as he opened it revealing the actual brick. I remember him being most pleased.
In other pleasing brick news there's this...

A journal of short non-fiction and poetry by amazing writers both famous and non. It's only published twice a year - Summer and Winter - and we just received the latest edition, Winter 2008, in the mail so that likely means you can now go pick up a copy at any quality book shop.
I highly recommend it and, for those of you who are writers, they accept submissions.

Works well as a Christmas present too.

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