Monday, August 25, 2008

The Ministry Establishes Itself

Here I am becoming a citizen of, the very populated, blogland. As usual I'm late - that's a lie, I'm usually very punctual but for this I am late. Very late.

I could go into what this blog will be about but really I don't fully know yet. In the description I've given myself the very specific parameters of film, theatre, fashion and thoughts. Which pretty much sums up my major interests - except for thoughts, I really have no interest in those...that.

My only pledge is to not have this blog join the others in the vast "I've started a blog" purgatory that takes up much of the blogosphere. I visited many a blog with only one post that was created and abandoned in 2002. I will try my damnedest to avoid that being the fate for The Ministry of.

Here's an image of what I've joined, and, if you're reading this, what you're likely apart of...

I'm pretty sure that this blog is the big white spot in the centre right next to the number 1. Pretty damn sure.

Illustration of blogosphere by Matthew Hurst

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